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For schools, colleges, hospitals, associations, volunteer services, animal shelters and other good causes everywhere!

The execution of successful direct marketing fundraising strategies rests largely on personalization tactics and techniques. Direct mail which exhibits a high degree of personalization delivers a higher range of response than mail campaigns which are flat and lifeless.

Whether you call the individuals who support your efforts donors, contributors constituents or gift givers … it’s vitally important to know who they are. What definable, discernible characteristics do your contributors display that you can use to accurately predict response and levels of participation.

The identification of certain segments allows for adjustments and modifications to your overall marketing strategy which result in higher response rates and contribution amounts across a broader range of existing and potential donors.  Customization allows for greater use of cost-effective printing and production strategies, as well.

Having a great idea for a letter is not the same as writing a great letter. No matter how sound and well-reasoned your marketing strategy may be, creative execution is what ultimately delivers your message. And the results should always be interesting, relevant, dynamic and worthy of your donors’ time and money.

Cimino Direct will manage your fundraising programs from inception to completion… so you can manage your business from day to day. Rely on us to be an extension of your team, providing the critical skills and management expertise to get your fundraising programs operating at peak performance and efficiency.


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