Insight is all about perception and intuition – two inherent traits not found in abundance among humans. So, we’d like to provide some balance to the issue. That’s why our library is full of unconventional wisdom.

Basic Advertising Guidelines for Direct Marketing Term Life Insurance
Positioning Term Life Insurance for Successful Direct Marketing Programs.
How the experts do it.

Permission marketing — Genius or Yoyos?
Says Buckaroo Banzai: 'Wherever you go…there you are.' So where are we?

Tag, you're it!
Taglines. Who writes these things anyway?

Direct Marketing... What it is... What it isn't... What it Should Be
I've got a secret.

The List
The Continuing Adventure of the Seminar Spy.

Buzzwords No Substitute
Jumping on and off the buzzword bandwagon may damage your credibility…not to mention your knees!

The Branding Buzz
If you build it, will they come? And, will they return?

Copywriters Union
Could it really come to this? Let's hope not.

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