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As their name explicitly denotes, Progressive Insurance Company is widely known for being ahead of its time. Having built a reputation insuring substandard auto insurance risks, Progressive developed several pioneering ways of cutting and controlling claims cost, as a way of offsetting the financial risks associated with underwriting individuals with spotty driving records. Their Immediate Response Vehicles (IRVs), for example, frequently arrive at the scene of an accident. Often, they even cut a check to their insured drivers right on the spot. Their research indicated that the faster you settle a claim, the less it costs. Definitely a progressive approach to a problem.

Designing and developing a direct mail auto insurance package for this client meant thinking outside the box. So to get the idea across of just how easy it really is to shop for auto insurance, we positioned the product using a shot of an ordinary grocery cart with mag wheels. This package was simple, straightforward, cost-effective, and yielded breakthrough, blockbuster response, a trademark of Cimino Direct.


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