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International SOS Assistance is a company which provides emergency assistance services for people traveling and working abroad. Multinational corporations including Amoco, AT&T, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Federal Express, Johnson and Johnson and Walt Disney Corporation are just a small sample of the thousands of clients for whom SOS provides flexible, innovative solutions for dealing with virtually any situation that might occur overseas.

Cimino Direct was involved in planning, writing and designing a top-line capabilities brochure for SOS when management decided to introduce a brand new service. This new service dubbed, SOS Global Premier was aimed at existing clients, and included a whole new group of insurance and communication services never before offered by any organization.

In addition, Cimino Direct conceptualized, wrote, designed and produced a direct mail package which would not only reflect the branding and positioning of the capabilities brochure, but also sell the SOS Global Premier program to select clients.

This extremely successful and high profile direct mail package helped position SOS Global Premier as the only company anywhere offering this type of complete global assistance, insurance, and communication services.


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